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Let's Go Hunting

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Powderhook is the industry leading platform where experience meets innovation. We connect experienced individuals (like yourself) with newcomers eager to learn the trade. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be an “expert.” You just have to be able to pass along experience and good information.

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"In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Do you love the outdoors? Are you willing to spend 2-3 minutes per week ensuring your way of life lives on into the next generation? If so, you're the person we're looking for to become our next Digital Mentor. Click here to get the free Powderhook app and get started.

"Theodore Roosevelt was right. We must work together to recruit and indoctrinate new hunters into the pursuit we all love so we can all continue to enjoy healthy wildlife populations and our hunting heritage well into the future.” Cortney Schaefer, Hunting Heritage Program Manager, Pheasants Forever

It's time to play offense.


Hunters, our way of life is good and just. Ensuring it lasts into the future requires you to take action. Join us as we work together to create 3 million new hunters in the next 5 years by sharing and celebrating our way of life.

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Powderhook builds technology integral to the future of conservation. Together with leading brands, businesses, and agencies, we're working to solve some of the toughest challenges facing the outdoor industry. Join us. Get the app today.


What if I don't know the answer to a question?

No one can know every answer. Only help when you feel comfortable that what you know can really help someone. Over time we'll be working to funnel you questions based on what you feel comfortable answering.

Why is the app anonymous?

Ever notice when you hunt, fish, shoot trap, camp or do just about anything else outdoors most of the people look just like you? That's not good enough if we want to protect our way of life for future generations. We don't care what people look like. We don't care how much experience they do or don't have. We don't care if they're young or old. Got hot pink hair and 100 tattoos? Cool. We only care that you learn, go, and responsibly share in our way of life. Anonymity lowers the barriers.

Are you going to bug me all the time if I become a Local Expert?

We're going to email or push a notification to your phone when someone near you needs an answer. Outside of that, Powderhook will email you every week or so with news, ideas, tips, events, trips and more. We believe every communication will help you, or help you help someone else. You can always opt out, and we will never provide anyone else with your information.

What do I get for being a Local Expert?

Each time you put something in the app your post will carry the Local Expert badge. Outside of that, we'll be sharing stories of people you helped. Today, helping people is the only real reward. In time, we'll be working with our partners to add additional benefits such as discounts, offers, or exclusive events. First we gotta prove our work makes a difference!

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