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Why Lake Erie? A Powderhook Project

Why Lake Erie? A Powderhook Project

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Powderhook’s mission is ‘Access for All.’ That means access for new hunters, anglers, and recreational shooters; for parents and their children; for neighbors who have not been out in the field for years; and for you.

Powderhook was previously a mobile application that brought together individuals who dedicated themselves to the effort of getting new people involved with hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting through mentoring and education. We are aware of the major ecological crisis that is looming in the US. Baby Boomers are aging out of hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting. We must replace this generation with a new generation of passionate outdoorsmen and women who can protect the wild animals and wild places we love.

Our mission to recruit and mentor new hunters, anglers, and shooters is a tough one. We realized that we could have the biggest impact possible if we made the Powderhook app a solution available to state fish and wildlife agencies. This would allow them to use the already proven Powderhook platform to reach their constituents in a meaningful and impactful way that would truly enhance their R3 efforts.

But Powderhook wasn’t just an app- it was a movement. And now, Powderhook will provide it’s community with the best possible tools and information to make their time outdoors more enjoyable and more rewarding. We believe that hunting, fishing, and shooting sports are for everyone and we want to (once again) be your digital guide for all things outdoor recreation. Powderhook is a diverse digital catalog of articles written by professional and novice hunters and anglers, inspiring and informative video content, and anything else you might need like trip planners or gear checklists. But most importantly- we’re here to help showcase to you, some of the best opportunities out there.


This project is no small feat, but we humbly believe that Powderhook is the perfect platform for the task. The goal of this project is to promote the sustainable resource of the walleye fishery on Lake Erie. Widely known as the walleye capitol of the world, Lake Erie is teeming with these delicious game fish making it the perfect destination for new and experienced anglers alike, families looking for their next vacation, serious anglers looking for their new personal best, or for someone that wants to know exactly where their next meal comes from.

Powderhook will help you plan, prepare for, and make the most of your Lake Erie fishing adventure. We will provide you with trip planners, gear lists, tips for boater safety, recipes, fishing reports, and real-time tactics from walleye fishing experts. We do not hotspot or give away secret information. We simply highlight the available resources that are available to all. This information is backed by science and biologists who have their boots on the ground that say that there has never been a better time to fish for walleye on Lake Erie.

So, join us as we explore all that Lake Erie has to offer. We can’t wait to share with you this one-of-a-kind resource. If you are ready to start your Lake Erie adventure, please sign up. See you on the water!

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