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Whitetail Hunt- Buck to 300


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The High Adventure Ranch follows a program of continually changing the genetics, providing a never-ending supply of minerals, and growing the deer's own food in a natural state. Our goal, like a few of the better ranches, is the growth of 'Mega Bucks' carrying a minimum of 8 to 12 points with widths up to 28+ inches. Naturally, all of our deer do not grow into 'Mega Bucks' so we also have a large number of trophy deer having 8 to 10 points minimum with a width just short of 15 inches. Any deer that does not meet these standards is normally protected from hunting until he reaches maturity. For a Military Discount, subtract $300.


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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