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Whitetail Hunts in Texas (Free Range) start at $2,500 Texas is known for offering a myriad of Whitetail hunting opportunities and a unique hunting experience. With an abundance of unpressured land, experienced local guides, management programs and year round trail-camera vigil, this outfitter offers nearly 100% success rates on free-range bucks in the 125-145+ class, preferably 4.5 years old or older. 150+ class deer and larger are also encountered and harvested annually. Hunting methods vary from stands/blinds in Mesquite flats, Spot & stalk safari style, or rattling techniques in dense thickets. Archery seasons run from early Oct to early Nov, with the gun hunt extending to early Jan – peak rut occurring in late Nov. Free, unlimited hogs, predators and varmints included at no cost! Management hunt packages also available, and are all-inclusive aside from any airport pick-up arrangements. • 4 nights/3 days hunting – x1 trophy Whitetail – early October through early January – $3,500 per hunter. • 4 nights/3 days hunting – x1 Management Whitetail – October through early January – $2,500 per hunter. Free, Unlimited Hogs, Predators and Varmints included at no cost Call Adrian at 888-850-4868, Ext. 706 or (204) 898-8565. Global Sporting Safaris


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