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Aoudad (Barbary sheep) hunts take place in the mountains of West Texas. We consider the Barbary Bighorn to be a native species as they have been roaming the mountains of the Southwest for over 60 years. This area has some of the largest parcels of uninhabited land left in the lower 48 states. The total amount of private land that is hunted is about 283,000 acres on 6 different private ranches. All of these ranches are a sheep hunter’s delight. They are rough and rocky and have the typical desert habitat. These ranches have low rolling hills to steep mountainous terrain. It will help to be in shape, because half of this hunt will be on foot in the mountains. The elevations range from 4500-7000 feet. These are great ranches for the serious sheep hunter to collect a trophy ram. Taking quality rams is no accident. You have to be hunting where the gene pool is excellent and on large properties that have had little hunting pressure. One to three rams per year are taken from each ranch. In the last 2 seasons our hunters have taken 8 rams that score from 148 SCI - 156 6/8 SCI in the free range category--TOP 20 of All-Time!!! We currently have the #3 and the #4 Aoudad in the latest SCI record book. Our goal is to harvest the World Record Free Range Fair Chase Aoudad Ram. It is not uncommon to see 100-150 total and 4-6 trophy rams. It is also very important to note that these sheep have been wild and free ranging since the mid-1940s. Last season we took 2 rams over 33“, 4 over 32“, 6 more over 30”, and the rest were over 28” (19 rams total). All of these rams were over 10 years of age. These hunts are 4 days in length and are fully guided with twohunters to one guide. HUNT DATES: mid-September through March (call for available dates) All Fully Inclusive Pricing: 1 hunter with 2 guides: $6500 2 hunters with 2 guides: $6000 per hunter Non-hunter: $ 200/per day Carmen Mountain Whitetail (close relative to Coues deer) can be combined on November and December Hunt for an additional trophy fee. Javelina may also be taken on this hunt if time permits, at an additional charge. This is the best value for a free-range trophy sheep hunt in North America. At the 2008 SCI convention, one of our hunters, Dave Connor, received the number 1 award for the largest free range aoudad taken the last two years. PRICE INCLUDES: Accommodations, food and beverages, trophy field preparation. Trophy shipment, special food, cost of medications, immunizations, hospitalizations and services of doctors, charges for evacuation or rescue by ambulance, helicopter or airplane and any other service or product that is not agreed or mentioned in this document. RESERVATIONS & PAYMENTS: Per person in U.S. Dollars only, confirmation will be upon receipt of a 50% deposit with balance in cash due upon arrival in camp. The gear that you need to bring is your rifle, binoculars, day bag or light backpack, and personal gear. You will stay in ranch houses, motels, or tents depending on the site we are hunting. A good light rifle in calibers from 270-300 mag will do fine (custom rifles(7mm mag.) will be provided at no additional charge if the hunter does not wish to travel with his rifle), a well broke in pair of leather boots with a good vibram sole is a must.


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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