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There are outfitters offering whitetail hunting all across the country, but few can rival the South Dakota whitetail deer hunting experience and the expertise offered by this outfitter. Providing forty thousand acres of carefully-managed land and skilled in guiding rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunters alike, you can count on them to put you in range of a truly trophy-worthy whitetail buck. The land varies greatly, ranging over prairies and rough country and offering a variety of different environments and challenges. Only a limited number of hunters are taken on this hunt every year, so you can rest assured that the trophy quality will be excellent. There are no trophy fees on this hunt. The Hunt You can expect to see trophy bucks scoring from 130 to 150 points or more when you hunt with this outfitter. This is no only-saw-one-today experience either; on any given day, you’ll have a good chance of seeing as many as 100 deer before night falls. South Dakota Whitetail HuntsThe guides are veteran local hunters with years of guiding experience. They know the land well and the whitetails even better, and will be able to get you the opportunities you’re looking for. It’s up to you whether you want the hunt to be fully- or semi-guided. You’ll be hunting from blinds and stands that are kept in the field year-long—this prevents the deer from being wary of them when hunting season rolls around. If the year-round blinds aren’t where the deer decide they want to be that year, new stands and blinds will be placed in the prime hunting grounds for your use. There are also portable blinds available to provide you with unhindered mobility if the hunt leads you elsewhere. Note that point restrictions are in place to provide for future trophy bucks. This shouldn’t interfere with your hunt with so many opportunities available, but if luck just isn’t on your side and you don’t manage to bag the trophy you were looking for on your hunt, this outfitter can offer management hunts when the end of your stay is nearing. Rest assured that you won’t leave with an empty bag. Archery tags are guaranteed, but if you’re planning to go rifle hunting you’ll need to apply for tags beforehand. If you are participating in the Whitetail Slam, the South Dakota Whitetail deer hunted by the outfitter in this area will qualify for the Dakota Whitetail. Accommodations South Dakota Whitetail Deer HuntingThe lodge sleeps up to six adults and has two full-sized beds that are perfect for couples. There are also two bathrooms, internet and telephone service, and satellite TV. Packed lunches will be provided for your hunt, with home-cooked dinners and desserts every evening. Breakfast foods are available in the lodge, as well as a microwave and refrigerator for anything you decide to bring along. You can drink if you like, but no alcohol is available in the lodge. Please contact Global Sporting Safaris personally to get all of the important details regarding these trophy South Dakota whitetail deer hunting trips. Hunt Duration - Archery 6-Nights & 4-Days $2,950 Hunt Duration - Rifle 5-Nights & 4-Days $3,350 Hunting Methods- Spots and stalk and blinds Rates- See above Accommodations- Ranch House Accommodations Includes- Includes Guides, Meals and Accommodations Not Included- Hunting licenses, tips License & Permits- Your outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses. Non-Resident Whitetail deer tag $335 or $505 for Special Drawing with 75% draw odds. Travel Specifics- Fly into Rapid City, South Dakota and rent a car or arrange pickup by outfitter ($100). Additional Info- For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please inquire.


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