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South Dakota antelope hunting offers very high opportunity rates and excellent trophy quality, especially when you’re hunting with this outfitter. This is one of the best shots you have at bagging the fastest animal in the Americas. Plentiful Opportunities South Dakota Antelope HuntingYou can usually afford to be picky when hunting pronghorn antelope in South Dakota. It’s common to see herds of up to 100 pronghorns wandering wild over the hills; if none of the specimens in one herd seem to offer a worthwhile trophy, the outfitter can simply lead you a little farther to find the next group. You’ll have access to tens of thousands of acres of leased and private land, so you should always be able to find a satisfying trophy. Because there are almost always antelope to be found in any direction, this is an excellent hunt to bring the kids along for, as there’s almost always something going on. The outfitter is happy to take on young hunters. A Challenging Hunt Pronghorns are fast; you’ll need to avoid startling them to get a decent shot. This outfitter offers a wide range of hunting styles to help you get close: spot-and-stalk is the most popular, with most shots being taken at 200 yards; for archery hunter, spot-and-stalk is much more challenging but still viable; other options include using decoys and setting up blinds near antelope crossings and water tanks. South Dakota AntelopeArchery tags are guaranteed; the bow hunting season begins in late August. High-Quality Trophies Bucks taken here average about 14-15 inchesin horn length and score an average of 72 inches. Hunters with this outfitter have bagged bucks with horns up to 17” long. The Lodge Enjoy your stay in a lodge that combines modern convenience with old-fashioned comfort. Never worry about falling behind on business—you’ll have wireless Internet access, and a phone is available (calling card necessary; you can buy one at the lodge). Kick back and enjoy the lodge’s satellite TV, fire up the VCR/DVD player, or simply sit out on the deck and watch the clouds roll by. The lodge has room for up to six people. Couples are welcome to take advantage of the two full-sized beds, and two full baths are available for washing off the day’s dirt and dust. Food and Drink Archery Antelope HuntingYou’ll have all the food you need here. Breakfast foods are available in the lodge for you to make and enjoy at your leisure. Lunch and snacks will be provided in the field, and dinner and dessert are prepared for you and served in the lodge every night. Please note that, while alcohol is allowed at the lodge, you must bring your own if you wish to have any. There is a refrigerator available for storing any drinks or extra food you decide to bring along. Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of South Dakota antelope hunting experience you’d like to have. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you. Hunt Duration- Hunts are four (4) days on a 1x1 Hunter to Guide ratio. Hunting Methods- Mainly spot and stalk with some hiking an crawling. Rates - Archery Five Nights and Four Days for $1,950 Rates - Non-hunter $200/Person/Day Dates (Archery)- Approximately August 18 through September 28 and October 15-31 Accommodations- Ranch style Home Includes- Included in the price of your hunt are your guide, transportation to your hunting location, meals and care of cape, horns and meat in the field. Not Included- Hunting licenses (about $335) and gratuities. License & Permits-Your consultant or the outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses. Travel Specifics- Fly to Rapid City, South Dakota where the outfitter will meet you. Additional Info-For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please inquire.


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