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Sitka deer hunting is a great opportunity that far too few out-of-state hunters take advantage of. These beautiful deer make excellent trophies, and when you hunt with this outfitter, you hunt the coastline by yacht, giving you access to your hunting grounds under nearly any and all circumstances—and, of course, a very comfortable “camp!” Hunting Alaska with Minimal Delays Alaska Yacht Based Hunting TripAlaska is a hunter’s paradise—until the weather decides not to cooperate. Most island and mainland hunts that take place in late fall can sometimes be badly delayed or even cancelled by inclement weather. Deep snows and other rough conditions can make it difficult or impossible to hike long distances in search of your quarry, and flights can be grounded for extended periods of time. This is where the yacht comes in. Combining strength and practicality with luxury, it’s built to get you to your destination in comfort and safety. When the weather would keep most hunters huddled in their tents, you’ll be traveling directly to your destination. Alaska Sitka Deer Hunting This outfitter has other great advantages too: one of the biggest is that their hunts are based in Juneau, located just a short distance from the hunting grounds. Juneau has multiple daily flights to and from Seattle and is easy to access. The outfitter also uses float planes to reach the hunting grounds. It’s extremely rare for conditions to get bad enough to put a stop to both flights and trips by boat. Your hunt should never be delayed for long. The outfitter’s ability to cut through adverse situations is demonstrated by the fact that, for five years now, they’ve never had a hunt get completely stopped by bad weather—and for the last four years, they’ve had a 100% success rate. If you’ve been hesitant to hunt the north before due to tales of delays, cancellations, and similar frustrations, then this is the outfitter you’ve been looking for. The Hunt These Sitka deer hunting trips are best done between mid-November and mid-December. The November hunts are more difficult, as the deer like to stay in the hills until the snow becomes deeper. You’ll most likely need to hike inland to find your quarry. In December, on the other hand, there’s usually enough snow on the ground to drive the deer out of the woods and onto the beaches. When this is the case, it’s just a simple matter of spotting them from the boat, disembarking nearby, and closing the distance until you’re able to take your shot. This hunt is appropriate for hunters in virtually any physical condition. The Yacht Sitka Deer Hunting in AlaskaThis is a 70-foot luxury yacht built Hansen Boats, a company that also builds several of the best commercial fishing boats in Alaska. You’ll have the comfort of staterooms with queen-sized beds, private baths, and showers alongside the safety of a vessel built to handle Alaska’s roughest conditions. Food is prepared by a chef in the fully-equipped galley. With such comfort, safety, and versatility, this yacht is perfect for the hunting expeditions it’s used for. Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Alaska Sitka deer hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your. Hunt Duration- Five (6) full days hunting. Hunting Methods- Spot and Stalk Rates - 2014 Two (2) Sitka Deer Hunt plus Sea Duck Hunting $5,250 Rates - 2015 Two (2) Sitka Deer Hunt plus Sea Duck Hunting $5,550 Seasons Dates- Rut is November 15 through December 15 Accommodations- 70 Foot Full Service Yacht Includes- Meals, lodging, professional guide service and trophy preparation. Not Included- Meat prepartion, tags/license fees, float plane charter to vessel (about $180 each way per person) if needed due to weather and tips. License & Permits- Outfitter will assist you in the application process. Travel Specifics- Fly to Juneau, Alaska where the outfitter will meet you. Additional Info- For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please inquire.


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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