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Florida is known for having just about the toughest turkey of them all to get, the Osceola Gobbler. With its home range being in just Peninsula Florida, hunters traveling from all over the country end up here with me for their shot at tagging a Tom. I work very hard to provide them that opportunity by managing farms and ranch's just for the Osceola turkey. In doing that I have kept my success rates very high. Many of my hunters are return clients, but I do keep dates open for new clients. I very much enjoy guiding turkey hunters and love there excitement when they get the Osceola as there final bird to complete their grand slam. Its an amazing experience that I have been involved in many times over. It's the reason I do this job I think. Florida also hosts an early youth weekend and each year I guide 2 lucky hunters to their Tom. I have never had a youth hunter leave without at least getting a shot at a gobbler. Like I always tell them....'I cant shoot him for you.' My hunts are all conducted on private properties. They are fully or semi guided hunts with lodging included. We hunt from ground blinds as well as run and gun set ups. My lands have maximum populations of gobblers so we always hear birds gobbling. I rotate my farms and from one year to the next give area a rest to allow for those 2 year old gobblers we all love to hunt to mature and grown those heavy beards and 1 1/2 inch spurs. If hunting the Osceola turkey is on your bucket list or if you need it to finish your slam, look no further than Deep South Outfitter. We are a full time, full service outfitter that will do everything possible to take great care of you and get you on an Osceola Tom


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