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New Mexico Elk Hunt SCI Score 435-450


New Mexico Public Land


With over 18,000 acres of low rolling hills for Antelope hunting, 3200 acres of private estate, to deep canyons and draws to hunt Elk, Mule Deer and Aoudad, this is the perfect habitat in New Mexico. The altitude ranges for 6,500’ to 7,200’. This outfitter has an 8,000 square foot four star customer rated lodge that provides all the amenities while having a family atmosphere with home cooked meals and gatherings around the fire for a great evening of storytelling. Four to six guests are booked as a standard with larger parties booking the entire ranch for their private, personal enjoyment and corporate meetings. The lodge has a den and game room with television, pool table, glassed and open porches overlooking the ranch. The season runs from early September through the rut and into early December. The guides work the ranch year round acquiring the knowledge and expertise to make your hunt an outstand achievement. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a relative newcomer, it is the quality of the hunting experience here that will be an unforgettable time because of the quality of animals, the beauty of the land and the comfort of the lodge, leaving you eagerly awaiting your return. With fewer public lands available to hunt and more hunters interested, safety is our first priority. Preferably only four hunters will be hunting at any given time. NO STATE LICENCE, NO DRAW New Mexico State Regulated Landowner Tags State Gross Receipt Tax in Addition to All Fees Upon retrieval, a Bill of Sale will be issued for privately owned Elk. Antlers will be scored according to Safari Club International Method 19-NT at the time of retrieval by a certified SCI measurer. Price includes: room and board as a guest at the ranch, guide service, retrieval, caping, delivery to local meat processor and taxidermist for elk hunts. Price excludes: gratuities, all alcohol, taxidermist, meat processing, shipping and State Gross Receipts Tax, special food, cost of medications, immunizations, hospitalizations and services of doctors, charges for evacuation or rescue by ambulance, helicopter or airplane and any other service or product that is not agreed or mentioned in this document.


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