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Price Per Hunter: Rifle/Bow= $4,000 Out of State License: $290 Hunt Dates: December 1 – March 31 7 Day Hunts. 1 Hunter per 7 days Lodging and Lunch Only Price Includes: four- wheel drive trucks, horses, tack, horse trailers, trained hounds (mountain lion / cougar and bear hunts only). Heated tents, full -time cook, and a wrangler will be furnished only for wilderness hunts with a minimum of four elk (4) clients. We will furnish a rifle and ammunition for foreign clients when requested. Bunk house available, if not on wilderness hunt. Price Excludes: Firearm or archery equipment, bedroll (wilderness hunts), license, sharp knife, personal gear, transportation to Cuba, New Mexico, meat processing, and at least two (2) coolers per client to pack meat (elk, mule deer, and Oryx hunts only). For a productive hunt, it is strongly encouraged for the clients to arrive in Cuba, New Mexico at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the hunt to be fitted to their horse and saddle and prepare for the hunt. Reservations & Payments per person in U.S. Dollars only: Confirmation will be upon receipt of a 50% deposit. Balance to be paid in cash upon arrival. You must also read, understand and accept by signing the Terms and Conditions, Release of Liability and the Hunting Contract. All clients must comply with the U.S. Department of the Interior/Fish and Wildlife Services laws, requirements and conditions. Before you can apply for a Cougar/Mountain Lion license in New Mexico, you must take a Mandatory Cougar Identification Course. Over-the-Counter Cougar License are only valid in the field with possession of a Cougar Identification Course number.


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