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Pronghorn Antelope are a true symbol of the American West. These speed goats are one of the fastest land animals on the continent and this low impact hunt offers sportsman one of the highest success rates of any big game species offered. This operation has had a 100% harvest rate since its inception in 1994 on trophy quality Pronghorn Antelope bucks. The genetics of these Pronghorn are some of the best in this region and with continued good moisture will keep producing exceptional Pronghorn Antelope hunting season after season. Two private ranches are located in Mora and Colfax Counties encompassing 107,000 acres of private land with high numbers in conjunction with unsurpassed trophy potential. This area has produced more Boone & Crockett entries into the record book than any other area in the state without exception. Hunts are conducted safari style covering extremely large tracts of land, with some in excess of 100 square miles in size. Glassing over numerous herds of Pronghorn Antelope daily is the objective - looking for a mature buck with good length, mass and prongs. Clients can expect to see good antelope densities on this hunt and seeing 100-150 antelope daily is common, with about a third being pronghorn bucks. The outfitter is very selective which bucks are harvested because the difference in an average Pronghorn Antelope versus a trophy is a matter of a few inches. Clients can expect bucks in the 14' to 16 1⁄2' range, and although not common, a handful pushing the 17'+ have been harvested in the past few years. Elevations are 4000 feet to 5500 feet on most of these antelope hunting leases with temperatures in August and September ranging from 30°F to 85°F. There will be a first-class chuck wagon cook on site where we base your antelope hunting camp and a taxidermist on site to properly handle fleshing and salting of capes during your Antelope hunt. Clients typically stay in a comfortable historic motel, which is only a 10-minute drive from the hunting base camp. Lunch is served on site at ranch and breakfast and dinner is served in town where you will be staying.


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