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Knox County - 220 acres


Nebraska Public Land


220 acres of solid timbered bottoms with corn/bean rotation on the top. This property has not been hunted in over 10 years except by me last year and this year. It is strictly an ARCHERY ONLY property and has been managed with feeders and mineral sites. There will be a 4.5 year old age restriction on buck harvest with a maximum of 2 harvested. Take as many does as you like! The property is outlined in red on the map and I also lease the 190 acres outlined in purple which has a 4.5 year age restriction on buck harvest and is an ARCHERY ONLY property. We can discuss leasing more of the land to the north and northwest of this property if you want more. You will not be disappointed!


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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