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Idaho mountain lion hunting is one of the top choices for sportsmen pursuing North America’s top predators. With a high ratio of skull length to body weight, cougars in this state offer better-than-average chances of winning you a place in the record books. The Hunt Idaho Mountain Lion HuntingDepending on conditions and the cougars’ movement patterns, your hunt will be based either in a mountain camp or out of a hotel. Hunts begin at sunrise. The day will be spent searching for the trail of a worthwhile mountain lion, then the hounds will be set on it to tree the quarry. The hunt continues until the cat’s in the bag or legal hunting hours are over. Once a lion has been treed it’s just a matter of reaching it. However, even though four-wheelers and snowmobiles are used when necessary, this isn’t always easy—few things are more agile than a big cat, and you never know where they’re going to end up. As such, the physical demands of this hunt can vary wildly, and it’s best to be in good shape just in case. Idaho Mountain Lion HuntThis outfitter maintains a very high opportunity rate and a high rate of success. In most cases, hunters can afford to pass over a cat that they feel is too small in favor of a better trophy. Just keep in mind that weather is unpredictable and that you may have to range a considerable distance to find another. Always balance your desire for an exceptional trophy against your desire not to go home empty-handed, and make the decision based on what matters most to you. The Idaho cougar hunting season begins on the 30th of August and ends on the 31st of March. It’s best to hunt after snow has fallen and before it’s melted again—usually late November through the middle of March. The snow makes tracking much easier. It’s recommended that you use a rifle no smaller than a .243. Bow hunters are welcome as well; this outfitter has plenty of experience successfully guiding archers on mountain lion hunts. These hunts last five (5) days. The Dogs Idaho Cougar HuntingYou can rely on this outfitter’s hunting dogs to tree your mountain lion. Their hounds are carefully bred from exceptional family lines, raised from puppies and trained to perfection. What’s Included Meals, lodging, transportation in and out of the field, and field preparation of your trophy are all included in the price. What’s Not Included Transportation to and from the airport, tips and gratuities, licenses and tags are not included in the price. Call today and let us know what type of Idaho mountain lion hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you. Hunt Duration- 5-full days of hunting. Hunting Methods- Dogs Lion Hunt- $4,400 Wolf- Wolf may be harvested for a $1,000 trophy fee Seasons- September through March Accommodations- Mountain Cabin or Motel Includes- Dogs, Meals, lodging, professional guide service, in-field transportation, and trophy preparation. Not Included- Hunting license and tags, Airport transportation ($100), Gratuities, State tax at 6%, Hotel before or after hunt. License & Permits- Outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses. Travel Specifics- Fly to Lewiston, Idaho and drive to camp. We will provide directions. Airport pickup available for $100 Additional Info- For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Derek Amadio at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 705 or Cell: 307-277-3832.


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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