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Dall Sheep Hunting In The Brooks Range, Alaska


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This Dall sheep hunting adventure will take you deep into the greatest wilderness in North America: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). This nearly-untouched 19,000,000-acre haven for northern big game is a mixture of tundra, forest, and, of course, enormous mountains teeming with Dall sheep. The Outfitter This hunt is managed by an expert outfitter and pilot who has more than three decades of experience as a guide and thousands of hours of flight time. He’ll fly you out to your destination safely and check in on you and your guide during your hunt, taking trophies out of the field for further care and offering early flights home if you’ve filled your tags or are ready to call it early. Only a very small handful of hunters are taken on this trip—never more than ten in any given year, and usually eight or fewer. These careful limits ensure that the population remains strong and that the area continues to produce excellent trophies. The Terrain Alaska Dall Sheep HuntingYou’ll be going hunting in the Brooks Range in the northeast of the ANWR. Many believe this to be the best Dall sheep hunting spot in the state. The range has everything from tree-lined river valleys at altitudes below 3000 feet to peaks that reach as much as 9000 feet above see level; the average peak altitude is roughly 7000 feet. Hunting the mountains can be difficult—it’s extremely important to be in good shape, and good marksmanship skills are critical. Be prepared for long-distance hiking and shooting. These hunts are based in spike camps. The weather in fall is exceptionally comfortable for a hunt so far to the north, with temperatures averaging about 45-50 degrees over the course of the season. Combination Hunts The ANWR is full of many other fantastic game species, including grizzly, moose, wolves, and caribou. Many hunters opt to pursue multiple species. Float Hunting Another option is to go float hunting, which will help you cover a larger area every day and is less demanding than hunting the mountains on foot. These hunts are also great for combining with fishing, as the area produces some excellent arctic char. Getting There Dall Sheep Hunting MapIt’s impossible to access the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by road. The best way to get to your hunting destination is to fly to Anchorage, spend the night there, then take another flight to Fort Yukon the following morning. There you’ll meet up with representatives of the outfitter who will take you on the bush flight to the hunting grounds. What’s Included Ten days of hunting, one guide per hunter, meals, camp equipment, and trophy care are all included in the price. What’s Not Included Dall Sheep Hunting AlaskaAll flights, including the $1000 bush flight, are not included in the price; neither are tips and gratuities, licenses, or tags. Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Dall sheep hunting experience you’d like to have. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you. Hunt Duration- Hunts are ren (10) days. Please allow several extra days for travel. Hunting Methods- Spot and Stalk. Glassing. Rates- $14,500 1x1 Seasons- About the 3rd week of August through the 3rd week of September. Accommodations- Wilderness tent camps. Includes- Meals, lodging, professional guide service and trophy preparation. Not Included- Hunting license, charter (about $1,000), license, tags and tip. License & Permits- Hunting license $85.00, Sheep tags $550.00 Travel Specifics- Fly to Anchorage Alaska. You will overnight there than take the morning flight to Fort Yukon. Here you will be met by the outfitter. Additional Info- For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Derek Amadio at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 705


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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