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If you’re looking for a fantastic Colorado elk hunting experience at an affordable price, then this is the outfitter you’re looking for. Featured on numerous hunting shows, their excellent track record and breathtaking hunting grounds—located along Colorado’s famous Grand Mesa—are hard to beat. They’re also more than happy to take on bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters alike. The Terrain You’ll be traveling out to wilderness camps located in forests and mountains. The hunting grounds are centered on the western slope of the Grand Mesa, and are covered by cedar and aspen forests and scrub oaks. Hunting pressure is dispersed across the grounds to ensure high trophy quality and excellent opportunity rates. The Camps Each of the camps has at least one large, spacious wall tent. Woodstoves, folding chairs, and cots are provided so that you can rest well. You will have to travel about five miles by horseback to reach each camp. Archery Hunting This outfitter offers an excellent archery hunt during the rut—in 2010, the success rate passed 85%! The Colorado elk hunting season for bow hunters lasts from the last few days of August through late September. Gun Hunting Elk Hunting ColoradoThe muzzleloader seasons lasts eight days, generally in the middle of September. Rifle hunting takes place in four different seasons: the first is a draw hunt for elk only, lasting about five days in mid-October; the second is in late October, lasts a little over a week, and is a combination deer and elk hunt, with tags available for over-the-counter purchase; the third takes place over more than a week in early November and tags are still available over the counter; the fourth and final hunt lasts about five days and is another combination hunt for deer and elk, and tags must be drawn once again. Black Bear Hunts Black bears are available as targets of opportunity on this hunt—and the best part is that there’s no trophy fee for taking them! This adds even more value to this outfitter’s already-excellent price. If you pick one of the combination hunt seasons, you’ll have the opportunity to bring home elk, deer and bear after one incredible hunt. This is one of the best value-to-dollar hunts that Global Sporting Safaris represents. Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Colorado elk hunting experience you’d like to have. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you. Hunt Duration Hunts are five days. Please allow 2 days on the front end for travel. Also allow one day on the back. As you will horseback out of camp following the last day of your hunt. Hunting Methods- Mainly spot and stalk with some hunts conducted over waterholes. Rates- Five Day rifle hunt: $3750.00 Five Day archery hunt: $3500.00 Dates- September through Mid-November depending on the hunt you choose. Accomodations- Wilderness tent camps. Includes- Meals, lodging, professional guide service, trophy preparation. Not Included- Hunting license approximately $601 plus a $10 habitat stamp . License & Permits- Your consultant or the outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses. Travel Specifics- Fly or drive to Grand Junction, Colorado. You will overnight there than take horses to camp the following morning. Additional Info- For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please inquire.


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