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If you want to hunt the Carmen Mountain whitetail, then this professional outfitter is the choice for you. With over twenty years of experience hunting the brush country and badlands of northern Old Mexico, they provide ambitious hunters with top-notch hunts for great trophies—and, with this species especially, a chance to earn their place in the record books. A Class of Their Own Carmen Mountain Deer HuntingThe Carmen Mountain whitetail is native to the Sierra del Carmen mountains area, as well as the surrounding badlands and mountains, including the Sierra del Burro mountain range. Although smaller than other whitetail species, it has just recently been recognized by SCI as a separate species for the record books. With the competition limited, now is a great time for hunters to get their names entered in the record books. The following are considered trophy-worthy Carmen Mountain deer: Good: Any buck with a minimum gross score of 80 B&C or SCI points. Excellent: Any buck with a minimum gross score of 86 B&C or SCI points. World Class: Any buck with a minimum gross score of 100 B&C or SCI points. Carmen Mountain Whitetail Deer HuntThe average Carmen whitetail buck carries a rack with an inside spread of ten inches and with three or four points on each side. Bucks with a twelve-inch spread will usually fall into the “excellent” class, while anything above thirteen is a real monster. Compared to other whitetails, these deer don’t have especially large or heavy antlers; the main attractions are their viability for records, the challenge of the hunt, and the incredible badland-and-mountain setting. The average antler base circumference for this species is about two and a half to three inches. The main beams are generally about twelve or thirteen inches in length, and the tines average about four inches. Distinguishing Characteristics and Behavior Carmen Mountain Whitetail Deer RackThese deer are masters of the disappearing act and have earned the nickname “desert ghost.” Their brown summer and gray winter coats are perfect for matching the barren backgrounds and dissolving into brush. On top of this, they are just as easy to frighten as their northern cousins, and will quickly flee if spooked. A cautious stalk will be absolutely essential. Hunting Season The whitetail deer hunting season in this area generally lasts from late November to the end of January. Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Carmen Mountain whitetail hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you. Hunt Duration- Seven days with five full days hunting. Hunting Methods- Ground blinds and Spot and Stalk. Rates- $3,750 per hunter Seasons- December thru first week in February. Accommodations- Comfortable Ranch Housing. Includes- Deer tag, hunting license, VISA, lodging, all meals and snacks, open bar, field care and packaging of trophy, guide, 24 hour security, USFWS trophy import forms, temporary gun import form, gun transportation permit, hassle free customs inspection, hassle free gun check in and out inspection. Not Included- Tips, taxidermy or shipment of trophy, ammo, travel expenses to and from Eagle Pass, Texas. License & Permits- Included in price. Travel Specifics- Fly or Drive to Eagle Pass, Texas or fly into San Antonio where an extra transportation fee will be incurred. Additional Info- This is the best hunt for trophy free range Carmen Mountain Whitetail Deer we offer! For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702 or Cell: 307-259-9603.


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