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Buffalo Hunt- Record Book Bull Approximately 1, 500 pounds and up


Missouri Public Land


Imagine stalking an animal with the raw size and power of American Bison. The idea of taking a trophy of this magnitude has been only a dream to most hunters until now. Our buffalo hunting area is vast allowing you to stay back, as buffalo are easily agitated and dangerous when approached closely. Having a taste similar to beef but with a fraction of the fat, one of the best aspects of our bison hunts is the meat that you'll take away. Bring a lot of coolers because you’ll be taking home plenty of bison steaks, roasts, and burgers with this hunt. Bison also provide very attractive mounts and hides that can be used as rugs, bedspreads, or wall decor. We work with a local taxidermist, who will professionally mount the head and tan the hide at a very reasonable price. For a Military Discount, subtract $150.


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