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Alaska has long been renowned as some of the most pristine and productive Dall Sheep habitat anywhere. The Sheep population has been steady and most of the hunters get their sheep with a little luck and a whole lot of hard work! The Alaska Range Rams are known for their wide flaring and light colored horns and make a fine addition to any hunter’s trophy room. A typical Sheep hunt entails riding up and down various drainages looking for a respectable Ram to go after. We like to tell hunters that they can expect to have a 5-7 hour, fairly arduous, climb from the time they leave the horses until they pull the trigger. The horses will allow you to cover an infinite amount of country as compared to backpack hunting for the Dall Sheep. The guide will cape and prepare the trophy and meat for the pack back to the horses. The guide will carry all the meat (100-120 lbs.) and we expect the client to carry the trophy (35lbs. for a shoulder mount and 65-75 lbs. for a full body mount) back to the horses. For this reason we require the client to bring a backpack of at least 3500 cu. in. capacity. Quite often you can hunt Alaska Dall Sheep right out of the two main camps but on occasion, expect to spike out for 2-5 days looking for a respectable ram to harvest. When a spike camp is required, you will be staying in a good quality four season mountain tent and eat freeze dried food until we can add some fresh Dall Sheep to the menu. This hunt requires the hunter to be both physically fit and have the mental toughness to stay positive when Mother Nature and the elements may seem to be conspiring against you.


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