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This is a world-class guiding service in exclusive mountain ranges with plenty of game including Dall Sheep, giant Bull Moose, Grizzly Bear, Wolf and Caribou. They are a full-service big game professional guiding company located in the Central Alaska Range and hunt primarily in units 20 and 13. The outfitter is best known for record- scoring Dall Sheep and Alaskan Moose. All of their fall hunts are conducted on horseback. They use horses because it offers clients an edge that they can't get any other way covering infinitely more country and carrying an entire camp with them so that the client can sleep where he hunts for the day and not requiring a return to a base camp. This also allow for the hunter to be rested somewhat before the stalk starts. Consistently high success rates have been maintained for as long as this outfitter has been in business, and his success has come as the result of exceptionally talented guides and the hard-working string of mountain horses that he maintains in his stables. Depending upon the season, weather conditions and type of hunt you choose, we might travel to a remote spike camps aboard bush-equipped aircraft, snowmobile or boat. Camps are clean and comfortable and well-supplied with plenty of great food! HUNT DALL SHEEP IN ALASKA Alaska has long been renowned as some of the most pristine and productive Dall Sheep habitat anywhere. The Sheep population has been steady and most of the hunters get their sheep with a little luck and a whole lot of hard work! The Alaska Range Rams are known for their wide flaring and light colored horns and make a fine addition to any hunter’s trophy room. A typical Sheep hunt entails riding up and down various drainages looking for a respectable Ram to go after. We like to tell hunters that they can expect to have a 5-7 hour, fairly arduous, climb from the time they leave the horses until they pull the trigger. The horses will allow you to cover an infinite amount of country as compared to backpack hunting for the Dall Sheep. The guide will cape and prepare the trophy and meat for the pack back to the horses. The guide will carry all the meat (100-120 lbs.) and we expect the client to carry the trophy (35lbs. for a shoulder mount and 65-75 lbs. for a full body mount) back to the horses. For this reason we require the client to bring a backpack of at least 3500 cu. in. capacity. Quite often you can hunt Alaska Dall Sheep right out of the two main camps but on occasion, expect to spike out for 2-5 days looking for a respectable ram to harvest. When a spike camp is required, you will be staying in a good quality four season mountain tent and eat freeze dried food until we can add some fresh Dall Sheep to the menu. This hunt requires the hunter to be both physically fit and have the mental toughness to stay positive when Mother Nature and the elements may seem to be conspiring against you. Location of Hunt Duration of Hunt Season Average Exceptional Rams Price Weather East of Denali National Park 10 Days August 10- Sept. 20 35”-35” with 13”+ base 38”-40” range $16,800 Click for Weather Page 1 HUNT MOOSE IN ALASKA Moose hunts take place in GMU 20A in the Central Alaska Range which contains some of the highest Moose numbers in the state. The Alaska Range Bulls are known for having the classic tall (canoe paddle) palms as well as having nice fronts/brow palms/tines. We have taken several Bulls over the years whose outside spread on their brow palms has been over 60'! The moose have been holding a steady population and we enjoy one of the longest seasons in the state at 25 days. A Moose hunt entails riding or walking to a prominent knob overlooking a vast amount of country looking for that distinctive flash of a trophy Moose palm. Once a Moose has been spotted that a hunter finds desirable a stalk will be planned or if they are in a rutting mood, one can be called over as close as you would like. Once the Moose has been dispatched you will appreciate the guide’s skill at preparing your trophy as well as the care of the meat. Then you'll really appreciate the horses that will pack this largest member of the Deer family back to one of the camps! Moose can typically be taken within walking distance of either of my camps and if the hunter doesn't want to use a horse a 30 minute to 45 minute hike from either camp will put you on any number of 'Moose knobs' that have consistently produced trophy bulls for all the years I have been doing this. It is a very rare occasion that we have to 'spike' out for a Moose hunt and you get to enjoy the nice accommodations of my main camps including awesome hearty home cooked meals heavy on the portions and heavenly on the taste! Like any hunt, this hunt can be physically demanding and the hunter should come prepared mentally as well as physically. The guides will give you a 100% all the time to make your hunt a success we ask that you do the same. HUNT GRIZZLY BEAR IN ALASKA The spring bear hunts take place in GMU's 13 and 20 that are home to some of the densest Bear populations in the state. The majority of the state allows for a Bear every 4 regulatory years but these units allow for a Bear every year as the population is strong and growing in spite of my efforts. The spring time bear hunts kick-off in April and are conducted primarily by snowmobile. These early hunts are usually denning hunts that entail snowmobiling in the mountain ranges of the Talkeetna's and the Central Alaska Range and looking for the telltale sign of a den that has been freshly excavated. Bears will typically come and go from their dens from several days to a few weeks from when they first wake up. Bears harvested at this time of year have long unblemished coats and claws that are long and knife-like as they haven't been digging for foods and such. Later spring hunts are conducted in May and June by ATV, horseback and foot. These hunts entail sitting on prominent knobs glassing vast amounts of country looking for a suitable bear that the hunter desires. Bear hunting has often been described as ten plus days of extreme boredom followed by ten to twenty seconds of pure adrenaline rush as the hunt comes to a typically fitful conclusion. For spring hunts, we recommend hunters block out two plus weeks as sometimes it takes us 15, 16 or even 17 days to find a suitable Bear. I do not charge you for these additional days as I want your hunt to be a success as much as you do and I prove it all the time by putting Hunting Area Season Typical Size Price Central Alaska Range GMC 20A Sept. 1- Sept.25 50” – 60”; however, Some over 60” $16,800 Hunting Area Season Duration Price Talkeetna and Central Alaska Range - GMU 13 and 20 Spring-April, May, June Fall – Sept through late October 10 days 14-17 days $16,800 in the extra effort to get you the trophy you desire. HUNT CARIBOU IN ALASKA Caribou are the barren ground variety and the herd is the Wood River Herd. The Caribou are the only species in this hunt area that is not an over the counter tag but rather a drawing permit. Therefore the Caribou are an additional species added on to a Dall Sheep, Moose or Bear hunt on a trophy fee basis. Price - $4,500 If a hunter wants to participate in the drawing they need to put in the Dec. before the year of their hunt. Typically the hunter will contact the outfitter in December of the year before their hunt and he will 'walk' them through the process of applying online for the permit. The probability of drawing is about 8-10% but if you do you can expect to take a nice Bull as this Herd consistently produces trophy animals. Season: August 10-Sept. 20 COMBOS Two Species 12 Days $23,500 Three Species 15 Days $30,000 Observer Fee per day $350 Black Bear Available for trophy fee of $4,000


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