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Caribou are the barren ground variety and the herd is the Wood River Herd. The Caribou are the only species in this hunt area that is not an over the counter tag but rather a drawing permit. Therefore the Caribou are an additional species added on to a Dall Sheep, Moose or Bear hunt on a trophy fee basis. Price - $4,500 If a hunter wants to participate in the drawing they need to put in the Dec. before the year of their hunt. Typically the hunter will contact the outfitter in December of the year before their hunt and he will 'walk' them through the process of applying online for the permit. The probability of drawing is about 8-10% but if you do you can expect to take a nice Bull as this Herd consistently produces trophy animals. Season: August 10-Sept. 20 COMBOS Two Species 12 Days $23,500 Three Species 15 Days $30,000 Observer Fee per day $350


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