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7 Day Idaho Wolf Hunt


Idaho Public Land


Wolf hunts are definitely one of the more exciting hunts we offer. We have been interacting with these magnificent animals for a long time here in the Selway, and in our opinion, these hunts have been long overdue. These big game predators have had no fear of anyone until now and that adds up to a dangerous animal. We have lost loyal dogs and even a beloved mule to these animals. Now the table has turned, and for the best, so come book a wolf hunt with Richie Outfitters. A good time to hunt them is during winter lion season. For the non-hunters, you can also book a photo trip. It is amazing to listen to these animals and also a beautiful time to spend in the winter wilderness! Exclusive Wolf Hunt 2 on 1 - $2000.00 1 on 1 - $2800.00 December thru March - 7 day hunt. Non-resident tag - $31.75


Please note, this hunting and fishing information is provided as a reference. It is imperative to follow local regulations and signs. If you see something wrong on this page, please let us know by clicking here.

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