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5 Day New Mexico Elk Hunt-Rifle


New Mexico Public Land


Private and Public Land Hunts: (Draw Tags for Public Land hunts) Rifle: (5 – day hunt) Any 5 days consecutive days from Oct 1 thru Dec 31 on either sex elk Any Hunter wishing to hunt longer than the scheduled 5 day hunt may do so at an additional cost of $500.00 a day, scheduling permitted. dkb10003 dko20021 Standard Hunt (Private Unit Hunt) (280 to 300 Class Bulls) $3900.00 per hunter (Guided at 2×1) Hunter pays for landowner tag and State License Fees Price includes Meals and Lodging. Premium Hunt (Private Ranch) (300 and up Class Bulls) $ (Call for Details and Pricing) per hunter (Guided at 2×1) Price includes Meals and Lodging.


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