Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunting in Arizona

Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunting in Arizona

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Dry ground mountain lion hunting is an experience like nothing else. These hunts start early in the morning while you and your guide cover as much ground as possible looking for fresh tracks and waiting on the hounds to sound off on a hot track. Other handlers will also have dogs working the bottoms of canyons and different ridge backs until a lion is struck and the chase is on. With the best technology available, through state of the art GPS collars, these hunts are not as physical as they used to be, as you will be able to watch the progress of the dogs as they work through the track on a and make their way towards the lion. Once the cat is bayed or treed you will then take to the mountain and get in position for your shot. This outfitter has had an incredible track record for a number of years and producing mature lions even in the roughest conditions. If you want to experience a lion hunt like the old timers who hunted these desert cats at the turn of the century then give us a call today ask to speak to a consultant about this incredible adventure.

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