Archery Antelope Hunts in the Heart of Wyoming

Archery Antelope Hunts in the Heart of Wyoming

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For those who have a passion for bowhunting, we have the perfect solution for you. Our outfitter offers five day bowhunts that are located in the heart of the greatest antelope population in the country. Low yearly precipitation and warm fall temperatures: the perfect combination for great archery antelope hunting. Antelope tend to use open areas with little cover, usually not too far from a water source, making our location great antelope habitat. You will hunt from blinds that are permanent structures. The antelope see them year round and are accustomed to them being at their watering holes. The antelope and deer have been observed laying in the shade of these blinds while hunters were in them! These blinds will be either on the ground or elevated. They are spacious and comfortable since you will be spending a lot of time in them. Each blind is strategically placed over watering holes which the antelope frequently come in to drink from. It is not uncommon to see twenty bucks on a good warm day along with a large number of does.

All hunting takes place on a 40,000 acre ranch. The outfitter will drop you off at your blind before dawn along with your sack lunch. They will check on you every couple of hours and pick you up at dusk. This is an all-day hunt as you never know when your trophy will slip in for a drink. When you do harvest your antelope, a "flag" is put up to indicate that you were successful and your guide will come to your blind and help you with your animal. We generally have a 98% success rate on hunters harvesting their antelope, with 70% of our antelope harvested being P&Y.

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