Trophy Bucks In Wyoming's Mahogany Brush Country

Trophy Bucks In Wyoming's Mahogany Brush Country

Starting Price $5,495

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Mule Deer


This hunt is located in the "Hog Back" country of southeastern Wyoming. It is one of our  consultants' favorites. WTA consultants have been sending mule deer and antelope hunters to this destination for over 15 years. This fully guided  5 day hunt is perfect for the hunter looking for a great hunt at a great value with lots of game. It is not uncommon for hunters to see 10 - 20 bucks per day and over 100 antelope a day. Mule deer bucks will range from 140" - 160" on average, however almost every year they will take bucks that will go over the majic 180" mark. Antelope range from the upper 60's to the mid 70's with an occasional 80"+. You can schedule this hunt as a single species mule deer or if you choose, this hunt is perfect to combo with antelope. Mule deer hunt in the morning and in evening and antelope hunt during the day. These hunts are on a draw, however with the special license, the draw odds are near 100%. Their newly constructed lodge offers double occupancy and home cooked meals are served daily. Due to the popularity of this hunt, typically reservations are required well in advance.

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