Aleutian Island Reindeer Hunting

Aleutian Island Reindeer Hunting

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In the early 1900s, Reindeer were introduced to the remote Aleutian Islands (Umnak Island) of Southern Alaska. Initially from Siberia, they were introduced to roam freely as a food source for the local villagers. In recent years, the native corporations have created a unique opportunity for sportsmen to hunt these majestic animals in one of the most remote and breathtaking regions in North America. Here the Reindeer herd of over 6,000 animals thrives on the vast grasslands and tundra surrounded by ancient volcanos and snowcapped mountains. These exciting spot and stalk hunts are conducted 2x1 with experienced native guides who are very knowledgeable of the animals and the land.

Hunters will use ATVs, and UTVs to access hunting areas where you and your guide will spend hours glassing to find the perfect trophy bull. Reindeer in this region are exceptional quality and bulls will range from 350 to over 450 SCI. In addition to reindeer, some hunters will have the chance to pursue unique sea ducks (Aleutian Teal and Harlequin are resident ducks and Eurasian Widgeon may be seen depending on weather and migration). It is extremely important to note that this unique hunting adventure is only possible due to coordination with an organization that helps develop the Aleutian Islands for the benefit of the native citizens. In all cases, hunters are expected to show the native citizens and their customs respect.

Accommodations are a magnificent modern lodge with spectacular views, bathrooms, showers, and satellite television. Meals are prepared by a local chef; you surely will not go home hungry. Due to the intense management of the herd, there are only 20 trophy bulls and 5 management bulls available annually, so early reservations are required. Don’t miss this opportunity to hunt one of the largest and unique antlered animals in North America. Give us a call today. 


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