Alaska Brooks Range Guided Caribou Hunts

Alaska Brooks Range Guided Caribou Hunts

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Caribou- Barren Ground


One of our top Alaskan outfitters has secured an incredible caribou area. This new area includes all of the best caribou hunting grounds along the north slope of the Brooks. The herds here include: the Porcupine Herd (70,000 animals), the Central Arctic Herd (60,000 animals) and the gigantic Western Arctic Herd (500,000 animals). Unlike most caribou hunts, these are conducted on the summer grounds where they live.

The coastal plain comprises only 10 percent of the arctic; yet during the summer, it is the center of biological activity. For centuries, caribou have used the coastal tundra to calve, obtain nourishment, avoid insects, and escape predators. The summer grounds of the caribou herds include the northern foothills of the Brooks Range and the arctic coastal plain. The entire caribou herds continue to use the coastal plain when calving is completed. We do not need to hope and pray caribou are going to arrive; from May to September they are here and have been for centuries. This outfitter's combined guide territories encompass the majority of the arctic plain from east to west and from the continental divide to the Arctic Ocean. They have thousands of square miles in which to hunt.

These caribou are all the Alaskan Barren Ground species, which have the largest body sizes and antler sizes of all caribou species in the world. The hunts are fully guided, and because these are two tag areas, success rate is high. They offer limited 2x1 raft based hunts. On this limited Alaskan adventure, grizzly may also be added on a trophy fee basis. The area stretches from over 400 miles east to west and 200 miles north to south, so the outfitter can go to wherever the caribou happen to be. With the decline of caribou herds in other areas of the arctic, we are pleased to offer these high success trophy hunts to our clients. #287

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