Southern New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitter

Southern New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitter

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Elk- Rocky Mountain


This elk hunt takes place on private land in south-central New Mexico. Located in the Sacramento Mountains, this outfitter has been offering high success private land elk hunts for many years. The property is home to an abundance of elk, especially later in the season. A nice blend of timber and open meadows and an abundance of water is the perfect recipe for holding lots of elk. Spot and stalk, glassing, and calling is the method of hunting. This ranch is carefully managed, and while it boasts a healthy population of elk, we only plan to take eight (2 at a time) rifle hunters each season in order to maintain a harvest rate on mature animals. We've had a 100% success rate the past several seasons.  Your hunt can be customized to meet a wide range of physical requirements - easy access flatlands, as well as invigorating mountains and canyons are abundant throughout this beautiful ranch. The accommodations, located onsite, take place in a restored 19th century ranch house that has all of the comforts of home including electricity, hot and cold running water, satellite tv and even wireless internet. The lodge features six guest rooms (2 with private baths) and six full bathrooms.

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