Listing Your Land For
Lease On Powderhook

Interested in listing your land for lease on Powderhook? Want to know your options? Our experienced leasing experts can walk you through the entire process. Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch.

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Benefits of Leasing Your Land

  • Additional income
  • Control wildlife populations that cause damage to crops
  • Eliminate trespassing and poaching

Fully Managed

  • Only respectful hunters allowed access
  • Liability isurance is taken care of
  • Entire process handled by experts


"Leasing out our property for hunting and fishing was a new experience for us. The Hunting Lease Network made the process an easy one! We truly appreciate their concern for us as landowners and would recommend their service to others." Darrel and Sharon from Nebraska
"For several years I have considered leasing my land for hunting. The more I learned about the Hunting Lease Network program I became excited about it. Not being a hunter myself I wasn't sure what was all needed but that was all taken care of when they visited the property and took photos and explain everything. I was impressed they took the time to do a thoughtful job and gracious in helping me learn what hunters are looking for. The program worked great for us and I am pleased to recommend the Hunting Lease Network." Gary from Iowa
"We are very happy with the Hunting Lease Network as the hunters know the rules and they abide by them. This was a great opportunity for us to have some additional income while also having liability coverage provided." Tom from Illinois