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-- Plaza de la Marina, s/n, 29001 Málaga ( - Bolivia (Baños del Carmen) Parada 1111
A las 16:30h
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The facilities of Astilleros Nereo and also an Ethnographic Ecomuseum of the Maritime Heritage of Andalusia, with the didactic vocation to serve as a center of interpretation of the cultural and identity values ​​of the area, and where its protagonists in the conservation of native ways of life help to dynamize the visit and to enrich with it and the various programs and activities carried out during the year the personal experience of the visitor. Its purpose is centered on the promotion and enhancement of the seafront district of Pedregalejo; As well as in the diffusion of the activity of the Carpintería de Ribera and of the Artisan Fishing of the neighborhood in all its anthropological dimension. The idea is to complement the museum collection, with the "living heritage" of the Ribera Carpentry cataloged in the CGPHA, as well as other related activities among which the traditional fishing of the district of Pedregalejo stands out; And without neglecting the care and respect for the environment that sustains all the space in which these activities are developed; And that in the case of artisanal fishing helps make it sustainable with ancestral knowledge that alone speak of a tradition of thousands of years in a place of ethnological interest where fishing is still looking at the stars

2017-07-26 14:30:00 UTC

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