Traditional Hunter Education With Live Fire


$15 per student will be collected in class.This a live fire class, firearms, eye and hearing protection will be provided. Transportation to the range is required. Range address is 10260 Gove Rd, Merced. After GO ID/pre-registration is completed (and prior to class), students must pick-up a student manual @ Merced City Parks & Comm Serv @ 678 W. 18th St, Merced (209) 385-6235. Completion of the chapter reviews in the back of the student manual is recommended. A minimum of 6 students is required for the class.

2017-09-09 13:00:00 UTC

About California Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Traditional Hunter Education course consists of a minimum of 10 hours of classroom, homework, and field instruction. The Traditional Course is most often preferred by first-time hunters.STOP All students are required to obtain a California Get Outdoors ID (GO ID) prior to registering for California Hunter Education courses. If you are a previous CDFW license holder (i.e. Fishing), your GO ID is printed on the license above your name.Click here to get a GO ID. Click here for instructions.

755 West 15th Street
Merced Senior Community Center

California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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