Traditional Hunter Education


Located behind City Hall in building with the restrooms. Special Instructions for All Students September 1st is Opening Day of Dove Season! If you or hopeful dove hunters you know are procrastinating getting your hunting license, this is the class for you: You can’t wait much longer than this! Class fee is $20 and includes everything you need to be successful in this class: Workbook, test, pen/cils, notepads, energy snacks, coffee, water, soft drinks, instructional aids, and, ideally, your completion certificate. Class fee is due and payable prior to class to hold your seat: Pre-Dove-Opener classes fill quickly and your seat may go to the next desperate potential hunter if you fail to make arrangements with me to hold it. This is a traditional class, which means a minimum of 10 hours of in-class instruction time. Home study, online or with your class workbook, will better prepare you for class, make class more interesting and productive, and may allow us to knock some time off of a long day. You may study online courses and resources, but paying for an online course or certificate is not recommended, since it will not change your requirements for this traditional course. Correctly completing the questions at the back of the workbook will help you succeed in this class, and I will be happy to make arrangements to get you a workbook prior to class. Bring your lunch or money for it: There is a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave and there are several fast fooderies within walking and short driving or delivery distance. We typically reassemble with our food and continue to work while we eat, to get the most from our time and wrap up earlier. E-mail, text, or call with any questions about the class and to make arrangements to reserve your seat and receive your workbook.

2017-08-26 12:30:00 UTC

About California Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Traditional Hunter Education course consists of a minimum of 10 hours of classroom, homework, and field instruction. The Traditional Course is most often preferred by first-time hunters.STOP All students are required to obtain a California Get Outdoors ID (GO ID) prior to registering for California Hunter Education courses. If you are a previous CDFW license holder (i.e. Fishing), your GO ID is printed on the license above your name.Click here to get a GO ID. Click here for instructions.

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Temple City Community Center

California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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