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Difficulty Rating: Level 1 The survival training standard is our most popular wilderness survival training course and it covers the basics as well as some advanced survival tactics. This course will prepare you for all the most common wilderness survival scenarios. The wilderness survival standard is a great first choice for starting your training in these skill sets. Even though this is a basic survival course, a good woodsmen has a lot to gain from this course and it has something for everybody! The Survival Standard courses are all hands on field training, no power point, just doing the skills for real! Our survival training will cover a day by day breakdown of the survival priorities and what techniques work best. The survival training priorities are as follows: Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, Tools, & Navigation! So each day in this course will cover a new survival priority. Self reliance skills will set you on a course to total freedom in your life and these aren't just skills for the woods, they are skills that change your life and the way you see the world. The course will set you on a path to total wilderness self reliance and after learning the skills taught in this survival training course, you will understand what it takes to survive in almost any environment or condition. The survival standard is very comprehensive and covers a multitude of different subjects about wilderness survival skills and these skills will work in a multitude of regions around the world. This survival training class is very intensive and is almost entirely hands on with very little lecture time. The skills we cover are a mix of primitive and modern survival skills. The survival training standard is not so difficult that family and children can't attend. These are skills that your friends will be impressed with the next time you go camping and these are skills that tend to stick with you for a lifetime. Self Reliance skills truly give you an empowered feeling because after your training with SIGMA 3 Survival School, you will be confident to walk into any environment and take care of yourself, your friends, and your family. Student Testimonials: As someone with a lot of experience in the woods,  it was the little things that I picked up on and questions I was able to ask and get help on that furthered my knowledge that I wasnt able to get from a book or video. It opened my eyes to questions I didnt know that I had. If you could only do one week of courses then this one would be it! It gives you so much knowledge on what to look for and you will feel confident after leaving that you can survive in most survival situations in comfort. Knowledge weighs nothing and SIGMA 3 will teach the primitive and the most effective modern skills. Travis H. The survival standard is both informative and challenging. Both are great for military and civilians alike, and should be considered the baseline for all other courses in this field. It will teach you all the most important skills for surviving in most survival scenarios. Chase M. When you make the decision to take self reliance seriously, and to learn it right, Sigma 3 will help you learn the skill sets that can save you and your family's lives in almost any survival situation! Daniel R. Don't bother wasting your money with other schools, just go here. They offer the best courses, affordable prices, and highly skilled instructors. Adam M.   Survival Skills Taught include: -Primitive and Modern Survival Shelters -Over 10 methods of wilderness water procurement -Bow Drill Friction Fire Making, how to use a ferro rod, creating an all night fire, and much more! -Survival Fishing Tactics and Modern Fishing methods -Modern and Primitive Trapping -Numerous improvised primitive dead falls and snares -Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Uses -Primitive Navigation Methods -Primitive Tool Making Itinerary Day 1- Shelter Day! Students will build at least three primitive shelters. Day 2- Water Procurement. Learn to get clean water quickly. Day 3- Fire Making/Friction fire, all night fire, etc. Day 4- Food procurement methods/ Survival fishing and trapping Day 5- Tools/ Primitive cordage, what to carry, improvised hunting tools, etc THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR SHORT TERM SURVIVAL IN COMFORT!   Food and Water Required: Water will be provided and food is your own choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as our Camp Ready Meals or MRE's. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won't slow down the learning process. Our camp ready meals are the healthiest option on the market! You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive away. Camp Ready Meals Military MRE's Minimum Survival Tools Required:  -Small Backpack -Poncho or Rain Gear -Outdoor Clothing -Fixed blade knife & folding saw -Overnight Camping Gear *You don't need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly! If you are un-sure of what gear you need for our survival courses, then we have assembled a complete kit that is still high quality but for a budget friendly price. All the items in this kit were hand selected by SIGMA 3 cadre to be the best bushcraft tools on a budget. The SIGMA 3 Scout Survival Kit is a full package kit that can be used in all our courses. These are all must have tools and you can't really beat the price for a beginners bushcraft kit anywhere. Its a great scout survival kit, bug out kit, go bag, and much more. Add some other items to this kitand you have a decked out scout survival bag that you can survive in comfort. With this kit and our training you can be guaranteed to survival like a king in almost any environment! Poncho Folding Saw Medium Backpack 100' of Paracord Bushcraft Knife Snare Wire Stainless Steel Canteen SIGMA Fishing Kit Sawyer Mini Water Filter 250 Lumen Flashlight  You don't have to buy our SIGMA 3 gear to attend the course, but you need survival gear of equivalent quality. Check Recommended items list for more details on recommend survival gear! OVERNIGHT CAMPING:  You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance! TO REGISTER AND PAY, CLICK THE DATES BELOW Length: 5 days/4 nights Instructors: Robert Allen & Josh Hamlin Airport and Bus Stops: If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements.

2016-06-11 14:00:00 UTC

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