Sun and Stars Bushcraft Day Camp - Term 3


Imagine a woodland setting, large pine and gum trees all around, a creek babbling in the background and an open fire in the clearing.  A group sits around the campfire together, perhaps weaving, making clay pots, story-telling or eating lunch and drinking tea from the billy.  The group is a small village, or family...a tribe if you will...of all ages from crawling babes to respected elders.  Now the youth get up to leave, they’re setting out on an adventure.  They may be going stalking or tracking, possibly to the creek to try and catch fish or to play a game in the meadow.  Birds sing their baseline song in the background of the laughter and conversation.  This is the vision we have for our Day Camp program.

The program is held in the 150 beautiful acres of Baden Powell Park Scout campsite in Samford and runs every Monday during term time from 0830-1430.  The core of the program is targeted toward pre-schoolers and home-schoolers from 4 to 17 and the primary goal is to encourage these kids outdoors and to help them become more at home in the bush.  We also encourage under 4’s to attend (with their parents) for base-camp activities and Natureplay where they can enjoy being in nature and getting dirty whilst the parents/grandparents/uncles/aunties have a conversation over a hot drink.

Our Daily Rhythm  

It is important to maintain a domestic rhythm for children, and Sun and Stars Bushcraft is no different…our domesticity is simply in nature rather than a house.  We will have a ‘living room’ (base-camp), with a hearth and kitchen and under cover in case of inclement weather.  We stop for morning tea and lunch and start and end the day with a group circle, keeping the children grounded to their place.  A typical day would look like this…

- 0830 – Arrival at the meeting tree

- 0845 – Morning Circle; greeting, acknowledgement of country, notices and information for the day

- 0900 – After morning circle, parents will be invited to head straight to base-camp and get themselves comfortable while the mentors take the children the 'long way round' through our adventure trail.  The children will be encouraged to go to the bathroom, gather their packs together and prepare for the walk

- 0915 – Morning walk from the drop-off location to base-camp

- 1030 – Morning Tea at base-camp

- 1100 – Group Activity 1

- 1200 – Lunch at base-camp

- 1240 – Group Activity 2

- 1400 – Gather for closing circle

- 1415 – Walk back to the Meeting Tree for collection and goodbyes

This is not a rigid schedule and some activities will, by their nature, be longer or shorter than times allowed here but the regularity will be maintained.  Some activities will be group activities for all ages, sometimes the age groups will be separated as the older children will have the opportunity to learn more advanced skills, and the younger ones allowed to explore and immerse, as is their way.  

We keep a strict 6:1 ratio with our groups ensuring there are always enough mentors to have one to every 6 children.


Our we are starting late this term because Baden Powell Park is closed to have some works being done, so we will start on 24th July and run through for 9 weeks until 18th September.  We do however have the Ekka public holiday on August 14th, so this makes the overall days only 8 for this term, and if you purchase the whole term you only have to pay for 7!  The current rates for this 8-week term are as follows;

 Stardusts; 0-3, $10 - This age group remain under the care of their parent or guardian, and so the fee is reduced, however, we appreciate the $10 to help toward our site hire, resources, firewood, insurances and so forth.

 Moon Rovers; 4-8, $65 - This pre-school age makes up the majority of our group and are taken on many immersive experiences in the bush by our experienced mentors.  If you wish to stay, you are most welcome at base-camp where you can relax with a cup of tea and keep warm by the fire while your children adventure.  They will all return to base-camp for morning tea and lunch to regale the stories of their day.

 Star Finders; 8-12 $75 - These home-schooled children enjoy the same activities as the Moon Rovers except that they will also have additional activities open to them as they are more capable and physically able. Activities such as abseiling, climbing, pioneering, navigation, compass use, knife skills, archery etc require motor skills, strength and discipline beyond those under 8 years old.  They also attract higher insurance premiums, expensive equipment and mentor expertise to run safely, hence the slightly higher rate.

 Sun Seekers; 13-16 $75 - These older teens will join in the same activities as the others, however, they will be encouraged to take on more leadership roles.  Not in an overwhelming way, but perhaps they will run a game, or help the younger ones through a string walk or take charge of some camp duties.  They are ‘coming of age’ and the time most cultures undertake a ‘rites of passage’.  In our small way, they will be slowly and carefully ushered into a more senior role (while firmly remaining an attendee) giving them responsibility, and providing a role model for the others to look up to.


We request that all parents get their child to morning circle on-time.  This not only helps all the children transition well into the day, but we are only at the meeting tree for a short time before walking to base camp, so late drop offs can get particularly tricky.

We actively encourage kids to be dirty, play with clay, splash in the river and so forth, so clothes you are happy for them to do this in are a must.

Please also send your child with the following items;

  • An appropriately sized backpack (even for the young ones) in that pack will be;

  • A packed lunch

  • Water bottle

  • Spare change of clothes

  • Rain jacket/sun hat etc as appropriate to conditions*

All other materials will be provided by Sun and Stars Bushcraft.  Upon booking, you will receive more details as to recommendations for clothing, backpacks and lunches.  We will provide a morning tea of fruit, popcorn and the choice of water, tea or hot chocolate to drink.

*we run our programs in all conditions except storms and will adjust any plans according to the weather that day.  Part of being in the bush means learning to handle rain and sun alike, but we must dress appropriately to this end.

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