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Join us for a day of fun outdoor adventures with the Waukesha County Environmental Education Team! The day will begin by learning how to make your own recycled paper, then move on to learn about nature's ultimate recyclers - worms! Next we will discover the many creatures that live in our local water bodies and see firsthand how runoff causes pollution in our local streams and lakes. The afternoon will include outdoor treasure hunting with a geocaching/letterboxing activity, followed by exploring wildlife habitats from the viewpoint of animals that live in the park, and learn about the insect world using sweep nets. The day will end with learning about water safety and a supervised swim in the lake. The program will take place rain or shine. Activities will be moved indoors if needed. Park Admission is free.

Participants should bring a bag lunch, sunscreen, swimsuit & towel, and dress for weather conditions. Drop off at Picnic Area #2 and Pick Up at the Beach House.

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Menomonee Park- General at Menomonee Park


Waukesha County Parks Staff

2017-07-27 18:15:00 UTC

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