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Before registering for this class, you must first complete one of the State-approved Home Study/Online courses. The courses are free but the completion voucher required for the follow-up class must be purchased, printed and signed. You must bring the completion voucher with you to class. The second document you need to print, sign and bring to class is the Student Consent Form. This form can be downloaded from the Required Files section below. Third, you will need to PRE-REGISTER using the Online License System. Pre-registration is FREE but you must completely follow the instructions provided in the system. The most common problem is failure to locate and “Add to cart” the free hunter education pre-registration document and/or select “Check Out” and “Complete Transaction” in the shopping cart and check out pages, respectively. If you do everything correctly your next step is to click on “Download Receipt/Licenses” and find your GO ID and hunter education document number. You will need these two numbers in order to complete the registration process. The class fee is $35

2017-07-28 01:00:00 UTC

About California Department of Fish & Wildlife

This is a 2 component course. Students must complete an Online Course prior to attending a Follow-Up Class. The Follow-Up is a review only of what the student has learned online.STOP All students are required to obtain a California Get Outdoors ID (GO ID) prior to registering for California Hunter Education courses. If you are a previous CDFW license holder (i.e. Fishing), your GO ID is printed on the license above your name.Click here to get a GO ID. Click here for instructions.

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