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Park behind Fire Department - by Lion's Building - Do Not park in front of roll up doors at fire house Special Instructions for All Students THIS CLASS IS STRICTLY REVIEW AND MOVES QUICKLY, SO PLEASE STUDY UNTIL THE CLASS -you can go back online and study – JUST DO NOT PAY AGAIN, OR YOU CAN PICK UP THE STUDENT MANUAL AND WORKBOOK AT THE BUSINESSES BELOW. THE EXAM CONSISTS OF 100 QUESTIONS YOU CAN MISS 20 QUESTIONS OR 20%. YOU MUST PASS GUN HANDLING AND EXAM TO RECEIVE YOUR CERTIFICATE AT THE END OF THE CLASS. THIS CLASS IS FOR AGES 12 AND OVER. Class Fee - $20.00 (cash) paid the night of the class. Please bring the following to the class: CERTIFICATES and STUDENT CONSENT FORMS (if you are under 18, your parents need to sign this form) NOTE: Parents are welcome to attend the class with their children Water, Soda, Fruit and Snacks will be provided. – You may bring a sandwich if you like Student Manuals (Today’s Hunter) may be picked up at the following or we will have them available at the class: B2 Enterprises – 706 Portal St., Ste. A, Cotati 10am-6pm Mon. – Sat. 11am-4pm Sun 707.664.1800 Smidt Firearms – 808 Piner Road, Santa Rosa 10am-6pm Tues. –Sat. 707.545.8826 Petaluma Sports Shop – 884 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma 4:30am-8pm Mon-Sun 707.763.0930 Petaluma Gun & Reloading – 620 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma 10am-5pm Tues.-Sat 707.763.1258 Independence Armory – 501 Lakeville St., Petaluma 10am-6pm Tues.-Sat. 707.773.4867 West Coast Archery – 2485 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma 12pm-7pm Tues. Sat. 707.766.9971 Circle S Ranch – 1740 Tomales Road, Petaluma Rinkor Arms – 2600 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa 6am-6pm Mon.-Sat. 707.284.2767 If you cannot pick up the materials, please let us know and we would be happy to mail it to you.

2017-08-10 22:00:00 UTC

About California Department of Fish & Wildlife

This is a 2 component course. Students must complete an Online Course prior to attending a Follow-Up Class. The Follow-Up is a review only of what the student has learned online.STOP All students are required to obtain a California Get Outdoors ID (GO ID) prior to registering for California Hunter Education courses. If you are a previous CDFW license holder (i.e. Fishing), your GO ID is printed on the license above your name.Click here to get a GO ID. Click here for instructions.

1 East Cotati Avenue
Rancho Adobe Fire Department, Cotati

California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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