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Mailing Address: C/o Roger Safford (ABI Treasurer) 3817 O'Neill Road Lima, NY 14485 Special Instructions for All Students Special Instructions for All Students READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! You must arrive on time and attend BOTH class sessions. Please plan to arrive ten minutes prior to the start of classes to avoid problems. Also bring a black or blue pen and note pad. All students are also required to demonstrate safe handling and shooting of a bow.. However, you will only need to bring your equipment on the second day of classes. If you do not have your own equipment, both right and left handed Genesis bows will be available for target range instruction. IMPORTANT! NEW REQUIREMENT TO COMPLETE HOMEWORK: Beginning in 2016, every type of NYS Sportsman Education class requires all students to complete homework before attending the in-person class. Bring proof of completed homework with you in order to be admitted into class. If it is not done or you forget to bring it with you, you will not be allowed into the class. Allow yourself four to six study hours in two to three days to complete the homework. Special information and instructions on how to download/attain Bowhunter Handbook and Worksheets for homework are below. Three options listed below are in order of preference. Select one that best fits your needs. ONLINE OPTION 1: (Cost: Free) A “Today’s Bowhunter” Handbook may be downloaded and read online (PDF, 5mb), You DO NOT need to print the PDF downloaded handbook because a hard copy of the handbook will be available to you on the 1st day of the class. Students only need to download, print and complete the Bowhunter Education Homework Worksheet (PDF, 235KB & Four printed pages). You must complete the answers and bring the finished Worksheet with you to the class. The Handbook and Homework Worksheets are available at >>>>>>>>>>>>> OR <<<<<<<<<<<<< HARDCOPY OPTION 2: (Cost: Free) Obtain and Read the “Today’s Bowhunter” student manual and complete the Bowhunter Education Homework Worksheet. Hardcopies of the Manual and the worksheet pamphlets can be picked up at the Region 8 DEC HQ - Avon Offices at 6274 E. Avon-Lima Road [Routes. 5 and 20], Avon, NY 14414; Approx. 1.4 mi east of I-390, Exit 10. They are open 8:30-4:45 Mon-Fri (exc. holidays) (585) 226-5510. >>>>>>>>>>>>> OR <<<<<<<<<<<<< ONLINE OPTION 3: (Cost: $30) Register for and complete an online course. A certificate will be printed at the end of the course and you will need to bring it with you as proof of homework. Students using this option are still required to attend all classes and pass the final exam. The online certificate is only proof of homework study and does not qualify to obtain a NYS Bowhunter privilege without taking a Bowhunter Ed. Class. Register for the online course at There are no vending machines at Avon Bowmen but cold bottled water and soft drinks are available at $1 each. If bringing your own drinks, please bring only capped containers or bottles. Snacks are also allowed. The second day of class is a full day which includes a break for lunch. Students are to bring their own snack or lunch.

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Bowhunter Education is required to hunt ONLY deer and bear with bow and arrow. It is recommended for all other game. This course covers safety techniques and responsible, ethical hunting practices when pursuing game with a bow.NOTE All courses require the completion of homework prior to attending the course. If you do not complete the homework you cannot complete the course. IMPORTANT MINIMUM AGE FOR COURSE: 11 YEARS (Minimum age for a license is 12 years).

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