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Located 0.75 mile East of CR 64 (Mendon-Ionia Rd) Special Instructions for All Students ** Students must attend both sessions. ** Students may bring their own bows and arrows but practice equipment will be provided. All NYS Sportsman Education classes require all students to read the manual and complete worksheets before attending the in-person class. Bring proof of completed homework to class. If it is not done, you cannot attend. You have the option of doing the homework any one of several ways: 1. On Paper: Read the “Today’s Bowhunter” student manual and complete the Bowhunter Education Homework Worksheet. (Cost: Free) OR 2. Online: Read “Today’s Bowhunter” online (PDF, 5mb), then print and complete the Bowhunter Education Homework Worksheet. (PDF, 235KB). Both available at (Cost: Free) OR 3. Online: Take and complete an online course: Then print out the voucher confirming the homework was completed. (Cost: $30) Manuals/worksheets can also be picked up from the Region 8 DEC offices: - Avon HQ, 6274 E. Avon-Lima Road [Routes. 5 and 20], Avon, NY, approx 1.25 mi east of I-390, (585) 226-5510; open 8:30-4:45 Mon-Fri (exc. holidays). - Bath sub-office, 7291 Coon Rd [off Babcock Hollow Rd, I-86 x39], Bath, NY, (607) 776-2165; open 8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri (exc. holidays).

2017-07-14 21:00:00 UTC

About New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Bowhunter Education is required to hunt ONLY deer and bear with bow and arrow. It is recommended for all other game. This course covers safety techniques and responsible, ethical hunting practices when pursuing game with a bow.NOTE All courses require the completion of homework prior to attending the course. If you do not complete the homework you cannot complete the course. IMPORTANT MINIMUM AGE FOR COURSE: 11 YEARS (Minimum age for a license is 12 years).

927 Boughton Hill Road
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New York Department of Environmental Conservation

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