Ladies Day at the Range- Women with GRIT Series


Ladies Day at the Range Women with G.R.I.T. Series Women w/ G.uns  R.anges  I.nstruction T.raining Firearm safety  (June class) a.      Four rules of gun safety and why they’re important (use SIRT guns/lab) b.      Storage and securement c.      Eye/ear protection devices Gun types and actions  (June class) $10 a.      Single Action/Double Action b.      Revolver and semi-automatic c.      Nomenclature d.      Loading/unloading procedures (use snap caps and practice loading/unloading) Ammunition Demystified  (July class) a.      Cartridge components b.      Calibers c.      Ammunition safety d.      Cartridge malfunctions Shooting skills:  (July class) $10 a.      Grip b.      Aiming •        Sight alignment •        Sight picture c.      Breath control d.      Hold control e.      Trigger Control f.       Follow-through Positions:  (August class) a.      Balance b.      Support c.      Natural Aiming d.      Comfort e.      Elements of benchrest position f.       Isosceles g.      Weaver h.      Modified i.       Low ready Shooting errors:  (August class) a.      Aiming b.      Trigger c.      Hold d.      Grip e.      Breath f.       Other Clearing stoppages:  (Sept class) a.      Causes b.      Failure to fire c.      Tap, rack, assess d.      Revolver stoppages Pistol/revolver maintenance:  (October class.  NO range time, as this class will take two hours, minimum) a.      Gun cleaning clinic Accessories and holster clinic:  (October class) a.      What do I need? b.      How do I choose? c.      Safety d.      Reliability e.      Liability No class 3rd Tuesday in  September due to Women On Target Event November start Marksmanship classes and drills on range

2016-01-05 18:30:00 UTC

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