July 31-August 4 Winona Wilderness Survival, Stealth


http://www.seekerswild.com/wilderness-survival-and-stealth-winona-mn.html Fire safety and basics: balancing oxygen, fuel, and heat, tinder selection, managing surface area Learn and practice building fire multiple ways: with a single match, fire by friction, metal match/magnesium Primitive traps including: rolling snare, deadfalls, pencil snare and more Finding and purifying water Compass free navigation by sun Increase your ability to think critically and use your common sense Build self confidence by increasing your self reliance Build your ability to use teamwork to solve problems and communicate Basic knife safety Learn to identify wild edible plants, safe and ethical harvesting, and of course tasting! Build a survival shelter Awareness training Become invisible with stealth training: movement, camouflage

2017-07-31 13:00:00 UTC

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Seekers Wild offers nature-based camps and programs for youth and adults alike. These programs focus on creating a community with a high quality of life by improving our ability to live in harmony with the natural environment around us. We teach classes and run camps that blend teaching real life practical skills and imaginative role playing. Not all our programs involve in-depth role playing but there will always

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