Intro to Competition Pistol Shooting


Expand on your First Steps class, Women’s Firearm Series, or your own experience at the range! This 4 week session includes classroom and range time every week. Participants are expected to come to class with a working knowledge of gun safety and be capable of shooting a pistol with minimal instruction. Minimum age for students is 17 unless granted special permission by the instructor. In the classroom, we’ll discuss the basics of becoming involved in competition pistol shooting, as well as hone marksmanship techniques. In the range, we’ll get comfortable with a competition environment by holding a different type of mock match each night. If bringing your own gun, plan on shooting 60 cartridges per night. Rimfire & centerfire calibers up to 9mm, .40, .357 magnum welcome (no 10mm or .44 mag, etc). Both revolvers & semi-autos allowed; please plan on shooting the same gun for every night of the session. If shooting facility Ruger Mark III .22s, the registration cost will be increased. Due on July 5: $40/student/own equipment & ammo $80/student/facility equipment & ammo Tickets:

2016-07-05 18:00:00 UTC

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