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(6/19/17 Event date corrected, was 10-5 to 10-8, to match season dates - dab) Notice: The Department accidentally sent invite letters for this camp to all applicants for Hunts 1161 and 1162. Please note, only those with hunt permit-tags for hunts 1161 or 1162 will be allowed to hunt deer. Visitors are welcome, but deer hunting is limited to tag holders. INFO: Deer hunting tips, field assistance, biology and habits, food, hospitality, drawings, gifts, family welcome - serves units 22, & 23 • Camp will open at 5:00 PM, Thursday, Oct. 12, and close mid-day on Sunday, Oct. 15 • Breakfast will be provided at 4:30AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dinner will be provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning around 6:30 PM. Lunches will be available Friday and Saturday mid-day. Drawings and giveaways will occur Saturday night after dinner for all registered youth. • At noon on Friday, local wildlife managers will be available to discuss hunting laws and rules, firearms safety, ethics and general information on how to make the most out of your deer hunt. Wildlife managers will also be available throughout the weekend to visit with, answer questions, and provide information on areas where deer may be found. • At the Punkin Center camp, quail hunting opportunities abound. Camp staff would be happy to offer advice to first-time quail hunters or point you in the right direction for birds. Please bring your own shotguns. • If any game law violations are observed please immediately call the Operation Game Thief hotline at (800) 352-0700. This line will be answered 24/7. Hosted by: Mule Deer Foundation & AZGFD -------- EVENT TYPES - What are they, and are they right for me? INTERMEDIATE • Pursuit of more challenging species, deer, elk, stalking, remote locations, overnight, lots of field time. Intermediate — applies some already learned basic skills to adapt and meet the next level of learning, skill development: • Skill Meter: 5-8 • Mentoring Meter: 3-6 Event types (Introductory, Beginner, Developing, Intermediate, and Experienced) and descriptions are merely guidelines to help you choose what is best for you -- they are not prerequisites -- most events offer activities that are suitable for all skill levels and interests. Further, hunting is just one portion of these events. Many of these events are also open to people wishing to learn more about wildlife, habitat, conservation, camping and the outdoors. HUNTER EDUCATION? Note: This is a big game hunt and may require hunter education and a field day for some participants based on their age. 10 years old is the minimum age to hunt big game. Hunter Education is mandatory for youth ages 10–13 to hunt big game. For information on hunter education, visit:''

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Have you ever wanted to try hunting, or harvest your own food? The Outdoor Skills Network is your one-stop resource for events offered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and a network of partners who conduct hands-on events to teach you the basics about hunting, fishing, trapping, safety, wildlife, and other outdoor skills. Interested, but not ready to go hunting yet? Don't worry, we still want you to come on out and see what the outdoor experience and wildlife conservation is all about. Hunting is just one portion of these events. Many of these camps are also open to people wishing to learn more about wildlife biology, ecology and their habitats; target shooting; archery; wildlife viewing; camping; social gatherings and more. If you are interested, just contact the camp host and let them know. We are always seeking out mentors and volunteers as well.

Punkin Center Hunt Camp

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