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Located right off of I - 24 at Exit 11. State of the art indoor range. Always sunny and 70 here at the Range. Special Instructions for All Students This course is taught at a state of the art indoor facility. Minors under 18 need the proper forms filled out by their Parent/Guardian prior to the start of the course. Parents, after filling our appropriate forms you may leave and pick your child up. For those wanting to stay, it is allowed as room is available. Forms will be available that day. Bring a sack lunch and drinks as desired as I do not break for lunch. If you take the course online you only need to attend the range day portion. Please register for that event if that is all is needed. No FLIP FLOPS OR OPEN TOED SHOES ALLOWED. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE UNLESS YOU WEAR PROPER FOOTWEAR Parents do not need to stay for the course. Seating is limited, if there is room and the parent would like to stay, I will accommodate as the room is available. The students of course have first pick for seating. Feel free to call Nicole or email her if you have any questions. I have added a class for Sunday August 27 for when this is full. Please sign up for it as needed.

2017-08-26 15:30:00 UTC

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3021 Old Husbands Road
Range America Firearms Training Center

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