Hunter Education Classroom Course


1. Must attend all sessions in entirety-no exceptions. 2. Class will start on time each day. PLEASE TRY TO ARRIVE 5-10 MINUTES EARLY. Please note the earlier start time on the first night. 3. Portions of the Saturday sessions will be held outside at Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area. A map will be provided during class. Dress appropriately for the weather and hunting situations. 4. Students must pass written test with grade of 80% or higher (no more than 10 incorrect answers). Exam will be taken Thursday night. 5. Option of verbal exam as needed. 6. Must pass field practical exercise and live fire. We will not require scoring on live fire; you will be checked for safe handling of firearm. Additionally, the instructors must recommend students. That includes attitude, maturity, and would the instructor feel safe hunting with the student? 7. Students are required to complete registration form (scantron) and will receive a Student Handbook. 8. Students are only required to bring themselves, a guardian if age 14 and under, and the Student Handbook. Students are urged to get and read the Student Handbook prior to the start of class. They may be picked up at Fred's Outdoors, 2895 Crain Highway in Waldorf, MD. Please note that Fred's is not responsible for hosting this class and can't answer questions related to operation and structure of the class. See the contact information at the end of this section for more information. 9. Disruptions during class will not be tolerated. 10. No live ammunition or firearms may be brought to the class by students, parents, or guardians under any circumstances. Instructors will provide firearms and ammunition for the purpose of teaching, demonstration and live fire exercise. 11. Any questions prior to class please email

2017-09-05 22:45:00 UTC

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