Day Camp 3 ~ Ages 8-12


Enjoy your days at camp and your nights in your own bed! New this year we are offering our Junior Campers the option of coming as Day Campers. You will be assigned a cabin and team for the week, sign up for three achievements like archery, music, fishing, drama and more (15+ to choose from). Suggested drop off and pick up times of 8:30 and 6:00 but we can tailor for your family's needs. Come and enjoy great fun and friends along with time devoted to learning more about what God wants for our lives.

2017-07-30 13:30:00 UTC

About Cortland Bible Club Camp

Cortland Bible Club Camp has been providing quality Bible-Centered Christian Camping experiences for children of the Central New York Region and beyond.Campers choose from over 15 achievements like Digital Photography, Pioneering, Archery, Swimming, Drama and more. Each day includes Bible Class, a Vespers service and evening devotions, calling each camper to love and follow Jesus Christ more and more. Free time activities include Go-Karts, Crafts, Swimming, and Sports. Our newest camps include four weeks of DAY CAMP for those 8-12 where local campers can spend the day at camp and the night in thier own beds, LEADERS IN TRAINING is a three week program focused on building leadership skills and an awareness of how God's Word should effect our every day lives, and MINI-CAMP is a three day, two night program for young campers 6-7 years old. Of course traditional weeks are available for ages 8-12, 12-14, or 14-18. OPEN HOUSECome join us on June 5th for a look at the camp, an opportunity to talk to the leadership staff, get a sneek peak at some new activities.Find more information at

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