Concealed Carry: Id, Id Enhanced, Ut, Or, Az


LEGAL HEAT CONCEALED CARRY CLASS: Legal Heat is the Nations Leading Firearms Training Firm to provide concealed carry classes to meet the qualifying requirements and documentation to obtain the Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Idaho Enhanced, concealed carry permits in a fun, informative, non-intimidating class. The Idaho Standard, Oregon, Utah and Arizona permits will allow combined carry reciprocity in approximately 37+ states. The Idaho Enhanced permit, which requires a range portion in addition to the classroom portion is one of the most powerful CCW permits available in the US and adds carry privileges in two additional states (Minnesota and for residents of Idaho, South Carolina). Legal Heat’s concealed carry class covers firearms safety, handling, transportation, storage, ammunition, self-defense and firearms laws, concealed carry techniques and much more. Legal Heats firearm training instructors are all NRA and Utah BCI certified, insured and among the most highly experienced in the industry and can answer your CCW questions. The Standard Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Arizona course typically runs approximately 4 hours. This course does not have a test or range requirement. The Idaho Enhanced course runs a minimum of 8 hours and does include a simple range portion at Fernand Gun Club starting at 8:30AM the day of the course to demonstrate firearm-handling capability. The Idaho Standard, Idaho Enhanced, Utah and Arizona permits are open to residents of any state. Utah and Arizona permits can be applied for by mail. Oregon permits can only be applied for if you are an Oregon resident or live in a state that borders Oregon. Idaho and Oregon permits require an in person visit to the respective county sheriff’s office to apply. You do NOT have to reside in the state of ID, UT or AZ to qualify to apply for their concealed carry permits. Please be sure to sign up separately for the either the 8-hour Idaho Enhanced class session, which includes a range portion, or the 4-hour Idaho Standard class, which does not include the range portion. Register TODAY for this fun and informative class. Seating may be limited.

2017-07-22 15:30:00 UTC

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