Bats Live! Nature's Night Time Superheroes


Did you know that bat species make up nearly one quarter of the planet's mammal diversity? These superheroes of the night sky are responsible for worldwide pest control, seed dispersal, and pollination among other benefits. However the hibernating bats of N. America are rapidly disappearing from a fungal disease, white-nose syndrome (WNS), which has caused the most precipitous die-off in N. American wildlife in recorded history. Jennifer Redell, DNR bat biologist, will teach about the importance of these amazing animals, unearth the mysteries of Wisconsin's bats, explain how WNS affects them and share what the WDNR Bat Program is doing in response. Jennifer will be accompanied by live bat ambassadors! Meet in the Nature Center, Lot 1.

2017-07-22 17:00:00 UTC

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27 Montgomery Street
Newport SP


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