An epic adventure through the Cu Chi Tunnels!


Take a look inside the elaborate network of tunnels created by Viet Cong guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War. Stretching all the way to the Cambodian border, the Cu Chi Tunnels served as a base and were equipped with living quarters, meeting rooms, kitchens, weapons, and supplies. Learn about the poor underground conditions, see handmade booby traps, and consider the tunnels' role in Vietnam’s history.

Last but certainly not least on the itinerary is the most exciting stop of all: discovering an underground city with living and working areas. The city consisted of the Hoang Cam field kitchen, areas where uniforms and sandals were made from things like tires, food storage units, a weapons bunker, and an ambulance.

Visitors will enjoy local specialties of the "land of steel,” or tapioca with salt sesame. See the weapons that were used during this time and witness the damage done to the war zone that was constantly pummeled with falling bombs. Visitors end their journey with traditional boiled tapioca and hot tea before heading back to Saigon

Adventurous travelers can crawl through the tunnels and fire off rounds from an AK-47 or M16 assault rifle at the shooting range.

Sample Itinerary

A standard 8-hour Cu Chi tunnels experience:

  • Meet your local insider.

  • Travel to the Cu Chi tunnels by negotiated mean of transportations (private car, bus, or motorbike).

  • Watch a short documentary introducing the tunnel’s structure and history

  • Discover the underground network and enjoy local food at Hoang Cam Kitchen

  • Visit war zones and try your hand at the shooting range.

  • Enjoy authentic, local food for lunch.

  • Return to the city centre.

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Special Note

  • Cu Chi Tunnel is 70 kilometers away from District 1, and you can travel there by taxi, bus, or motorbike. Talk to your local insider to help you select the type of transportation.

  • Bring water to stay hydrated; you will be walking a lot.

  • Keep your personal belonging close, wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and do not forget to wear sunscreen.

  • The experience may be too intense for children under the age of 10.

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